Reusable female bio towels: How to use them and benefits

Discover the benefits of using bio reusable female towels, to take care of your intimate health and the environment.

The bio reusable female towels are ecological, practical and take care of the intimate feminine health. They are one of the products of intimate feminine hygiene result of the greater awareness of the care of the environment. The ecological feminine towels are comfortable and safe because like the disposable compresses, they protect from infections and do not cause irritations.

The reusable feminine pads are added to the novel products that in recent times have appeared on the market, designed specifically for female comfort during the days of menstruation. All have the particularity of combining the care of women’s health and the environment, from the use of the menstrual cup, made with medical silicone, to the novel probiotic buffers against vaginal infections.

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Benefits of ecological feminine towels

The ecological feminine towels are cloth compresses, in their greater composition of cotton, absorbent, waterproof and inolourous. They are reusable because they can be washed directly into the washing machine. Among those that can be found in the market, Lunapads Performa compresses, with a quick-drying cotton top layer and a super absorbent core, even to contain the most intense menstrual flow.

The care of the environment is a strong argument to look for alternatives to compresses. It is estimated, according to different studies, that on average a woman can use throughout her fertile life between 10,000 and 15,000 compresses or tampons, products that usually include plastic in its composition, material that is not biodegradable.

There is another reason to bet on the ecological feminine towels, and that is that they contribute to saving, and for that, you only have to calculate how much you spend per month in compresses or tampons and multiply it by 12 months of the year.

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How to use cloth compresses

The eco-friendly women’s wipes are easily placed in underwear, in fact, there are designs of reusable compresses with wings for comfort. Knowing how to wash the cloth compresses is essential to ensure that they are clean enough to be reused.

  • Wash in cold water and dry the compresses before using them for the first time.
  • Blood is best removed in cold water (too hot water fixes it), and when it is not yet dry. To ensure its cleanliness, let it soak and rub with a soft neutral soap and, later, it can be put in the washing machine, if possible with an ecological detergent.
  • Avoid using ba leaching or softening products.
  • Let them dry outdoors.
  • Store the compresses in a waterproof bag.
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Spring Summer Skirts 2018: Best looks

Discover the trend skirts for the spring/summer season 2018. Take note of the best looks with the skirts that are fashionable.

Skirts are versatile garments. The good thing about skirts is that you can combine them with multiple top parts and accessories and although we tend to pigeonhole a bit at times, there are actually many styles that we can try, just dare a little. For spring/summer, 2018 trend skirts are dominated by the asymmetry and the long midi that for some years now is hitting hard. We also find a return to the nineties style with classic denim skirts in cut A or with buttons, very suitable for those who have curves in the hips area because they create balance and can be combined with almost any part of the top. We bring you the best skirts for spring/summer 2018 and the best looks what you can create with them Ready to choose your favorite?

Skirts spring/summer 2018: Look skirt with buttons

Skirts of spring summer 2018

One of the models more trend for this season for this spring/summer 2018 are the skirts with buttons. These are skirts (both long, midi and short) with buttons in front. This type of skirts is perfect for informal and summer looks. We recommend that you bet on a skirt with check pattern, long midi, with contrast buttons and front belt. You can combine it with a body or a tank top.

Fashion skirts: Look with pareo skirt or wrap skirt

skirts spring summer 2018

Pareo or wrap skirts are ideal for spring and summer. These are skirts that simulate a pareo. Choose a model in a satin and patterned fabric to give a more elegant touch to the final look. These skirts usually have a cross design and a knot closure, details that give an upgrade to any outfit. Bet on combining the skirt with a flat shirt adjusted in black or white, something simple but works.

Spring Summer Skirts 2018: outfit with the denim miniskirt

skirts spring summer 2018

Among the fashionable skirts of autumn/winter, 2017 were the renewed cowgirls. This season of spring/summer 2018 are again the stars, but with different airs. The cowboy miniskirts are filled with unique details such as studs, glitters or zippers. We love the outfit of the photo with a flared denim miniskirt and heart studs. These skirts are ideal with a printed shirt or with a logo. Without a doubt, the denim miniskirt has returned with great force.

Skirts trend: look with skirt handkerchief

aldas spring summer 2018

The hanky skirt will be the star skirt of the new season. These are skirts with a finished tip or asymmetric. We recommend that you choose a high waist skirt, with a long midi and with an elegant and fun graphic pattern. These types of skirts can be worn on almost any occasion and are great with a Bardot top or short top. Or do you like this type of skirt?

Fashion skirts P / V 2018: look with paper bag skirt

skirts spring summer 2018

Paper bag skirts are those that have a high ruching waist. The paper bag pants were in style last season and now the paper bag skirts are coming. Choose a model in a light and informal fabric so you can wear it perfectly in summer. Paper bag skirts should always be combined with top garments that can be put inside. Never tapes the waist of these skirts since the grace resides in that area of the garment.

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Paris Fashion Week 2018: Street style ideas

We bring you the best street style ideas of the Paris Fashion Week 2018.

London, New York, Milan … And now Paris; Get to know first-hand the best of Paris Fashion Week in street style, ideas that will serve as a source of inspiration.

Paris Fashion Week street style 2018

It has been in this occasion in Paris that the great fashion designers have come together to show us their collections of spring summer, fall winter of 2018-2019 and as usual, they, publishers, influencers and other lovers of trends are They walk through the streets of the French capital displaying their best outfits.

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The color palette we have seen at the Paris Fashion Week is wide, from neutral shades where beige is the protagonist, to ultraviolet color through an extensive range of blues, greens, and copper.

The supplements have also had a lot to say. We have seen mini bags in a round or rectangular format that accompany maxi garments superimposed on each other; white ankle boots and sports shoes with a pinch of color for shoes and minimalist jewelry with a lot of styles that are chosen wanting to go unnoticed.

The best of street style at the Paris Fashion Week

There are many looks that we analyze to discover what will be the trends for the coming season and there are many garments and accessories that have caught our attention, like that style that combines red with black, or those shoes in tip with glitters on the instep, or that scarf that is mixed with a beret of Parisian inspiration. In the photo gallery you have our selection of the best ideas taken from the street style at the Fashion Week in Paris, however here we leave you a small preview.

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Sock boots, the color black and golden accessories; a combination that aims to catch all eyes, the skirt has a perfect cut and the sweater is simple and elegant in equal parts.

The roqueras and revindications garments are allied with the naif style; A handbag in bright pink? Or maybe a mini with a heart shape? The fact is that this image is a clear example of very different styles that complement each other in a balanced and perfect tandem.

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Jeans with pearls: Best looks

Jeans with pearls are the star garment of the season. Discover the best jeans with pearls

This winter the pearls were a trend and adorned garments of all kinds. For spring/summer, 2018 jeans with pearls are worn. The best low-cost fashion brands have added jeans (of many types) with pearl details. These jeans are ideal to create a feminine and romantic look. Next, you have the best models and looks of jeans with pearls.

Trends: jeans with pearls

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One of the trend garments this spring/summer is jeans with pearls. Last season pearl clothing was very fashionable and was even present in various accessories such as vintage bags with pearls.

Each season there is a trend cowboy; After the rare jeans, with embroidery or with broken jeans arrive with pearls. These jeans are very versatile and you can combine them very easily. Without a doubt, the pearls applied to jeans give a different touch to the design.

The best looks and models of jeans with pearls

Jeans with pearls are very present in the new fashion collections of the main low-cost firms, so finding a model that suits your tastes and body will not be very complicated. The pearls can be applied to the bottom of the trousers, in the legs, in the waist area … There are pearls in white, colored or metallic tones. The possibilities are endless.

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Zara proposes tight jeans with the detail of pearls on the bass in white and silver. Another very interesting model of the firm is skinny jeans with a medium shot with application detail of pearls with chains in the pockets. In Mango, there are high-waisted denim jeans in light denim with pearl trim throughout the front of the pants. If you prefer you have a very similar design in a darker denim.

In Malaya, they design some ankle jeans with pearls on top and broken. There are jeans that carry pearls and other details like broken, embroidered, applications … In Romwe you also have several models with pearls, but with a more extravagant touch and trend. Jeans shorts can also carry pearls. In Mango, you have a very interesting model of shorts in clear denim with pearls and broken.

How to combine jeans with pearls? Once you have your jeans with pearls chosen, the next step is to know how to combine them. The reality is that you can combine them with any normal jeans, but they look really good when worn with a maxi wool sweater, a cropped knit sweater or a simple white shirt. To top off the look, add some shoes and that’s it!

Jeans with pearls can also be worn in more dress styles, for example, to go to a disco or a casual party. In these cases, you should combine them with a top lingerie or a body, a blazer and shoes with high heels.

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