Allergy to clothing and dermatitis: Causes and tips for treating it

The allergy to clothing and dermatitis can be very annoying. We reveal the causes and how to treat them.

Atopic dermatitis and allergy to clothing and the fibers in it can produce irritation and itching of the skin very annoying. This is why it is important to discover the causes why this discomfort appears to be able to treat it in a more effective way. We discover what are the main causes of dermatitis and some tips to treat it.

What exactly is dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis, which is the most common type of dermatitis, is an irritation that appears on the skin and has small bumps that are annoying and also cause a great itch in the sufferer.

It is a type of eczema of the skin , which may appear in a timely manner for any cause related to food or the type of clothing that is dressed or it may also appear as a chronic disease that must be controlled so that it does not reach a stage severe with the inconvenience that this entails leading a normal life.

Causes of dermatitis

Synthetic fibers 01 0416 48x48

Dermatitis is a swelling of the skin, which is accompanied by extreme redness and itching. This is due to the lack of certain proteins of the skin, this loss and therefore the appearance of dermatitis can be due to multiple causes. Some of the most common are the following:

  • Allergies to pollen, mites or certain fungi that surround the environment especially in spring.
  • Colds or common diseases that lower the defenses of the natural protective layer of the skin.
  • Fibers existing in some types of clothing, which are not well tolerated by our skin.
  • Emotional stress or severe anxiety states.
  • Perfumes or abrasive cosmetics.
  • Sudden temperature changes for the skin.

Synthetic fibers: Fabrics that cause dermatitis

There are certain synthetic fibers that are inducing this type of skin disorder. This type of fibers, present in more than 50% of garments, come from petroleum-derived materials and hinder the natural transpiration of the skin, generating a lack of oxygen in the cells and causing dermatitis. The most commons are:

  • Nylon: Used to a large extent for the manufacture of bed linen.
  • Rayón: Commonly used to make all kinds of summer clothes.
  • Perlon: Substitute wool, which can be found in a large number of jackets.
  • Polyester: Fiber very present in the manufacture of underwear and socks.
  • Viscose: Blend of fibers found in most fashion fabrics.

Tips to treat dermatitis

The preventive treatment against dermatitis does not exist but there are a number of factors that can alleviate its symptoms and cause its disappearance:

Avoid dairy foods.

Take antihistamines if you suspect having some type of allergy.

Avoid dangerous clothing fibers.

Avoid soaps or strong laundry detergents.

Try not to expose yourself to high temperatures for a long time.


Skin health

The skin is the largest organ of the body and its care should never take second place, if you have dermatitis in addition to following these tips, visit a specialist to avoid its appearance in the future and of course, it becomes chronic. So, you know how to pamper your skin and it will thank you.

Reusable female bio towels: How to use them and benefits

Discover the benefits of using bio reusable female towels, to take care of your intimate health and the environment.

The bio reusable female towels are ecological, practical and take care of the intimate feminine health. They are one of the products of intimate feminine hygiene result of the greater awareness of the care of the environment. The ecological feminine towels are comfortable and safe because like the disposable compresses, they protect from infections and do not cause irritations.

The reusable feminine pads are added to the novel products that in recent times have appeared on the market, designed specifically for female comfort during the days of menstruation. All have the particularity of combining the care of women’s health and the environment, from the use of the menstrual cup, made with medical silicone, to the novel probiotic buffers against vaginal infections.

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Benefits of ecological feminine towels

The ecological feminine towels are cloth compresses, in their greater composition of cotton, absorbent, waterproof and inolourous. They are reusable because they can be washed directly into the washing machine. Among those that can be found in the market, Lunapads Performa compresses, with a quick-drying cotton top layer and a super absorbent core, even to contain the most intense menstrual flow.

The care of the environment is a strong argument to look for alternatives to compresses. It is estimated, according to different studies, that on average a woman can use throughout her fertile life between 10,000 and 15,000 compresses or tampons, products that usually include plastic in its composition, material that is not biodegradable.

There is another reason to bet on the ecological feminine towels, and that is that they contribute to saving, and for that, you only have to calculate how much you spend per month in compresses or tampons and multiply it by 12 months of the year.

Image result for Reusable female bio towels

How to use cloth compresses

The eco-friendly women’s wipes are easily placed in underwear, in fact, there are designs of reusable compresses with wings for comfort. Knowing how to wash the cloth compresses is essential to ensure that they are clean enough to be reused.

  • Wash in cold water and dry the compresses before using them for the first time.
  • Blood is best removed in cold water (too hot water fixes it), and when it is not yet dry. To ensure its cleanliness, let it soak and rub with a soft neutral soap and, later, it can be put in the washing machine, if possible with an ecological detergent.
  • Avoid using ba leaching or softening products.
  • Let them dry outdoors.
  • Store the compresses in a waterproof bag.

Drinks to combat varicose veins

Drinks to combat varicose veins are a natural ally for your legs. Discover all the benefits of adding them to your day-to-day.

Drinks to combat varicose veins and to stimulate blood circulation in the legs, common discomfort and whose symptoms we can alleviate naturally. Varicose or varicose veins are one of the most common circulatory problems, whose prevention and treatment is also in our hands.

Varicose veins are much more than an unsightly problem that prevents us from showing off legs. They are a vascular disorder caused by weakness in the walls of the veins that progressively lose elasticity and widen, which in turn makes them need more space and acquire that meandering appearance.

Natural drinks for varicose veins

Eating a healthy diet is one of the key antiviruses, and this also includes beverages with natural ingredients, alone or in combination. Natural drinks to improve circulation and soothe the pain of varicose veins, and that in the case of infusions can take 2 times a day, after lunch and dinner.

Indian chestnut tea

varicose infusion

The infusion of horse chestnut helps reduce inflammation in case of varicose veins. For its preparation, boil horse chestnut bark (50 grams) in a liter of water for about 10 minutes. Remove and strain before drinking.

Infusion of bitter orange

The bitter orange, the bark, in this case, has beneficial properties to combat varicose veins, improve circulation and reduce swelling of the ankles.

Infusion of ginkgo

Ginkgo or ginkgo biloba, a plant native to China, strengthens the veins and prevents the formation of clots in case of varicose veins. To prepare an infusion, add 50 grams of ginkgo in one liter of water and boil for about 10 minutes. Remove, let stand and drink when it is warm.

Rusco infusion

The Rusco has anti-inflammatory properties, being a plant recommended for varicose veins problems. To take in infusion, add a teaspoon of butcher’s root in a cup of boiling water and let stand 10 minutes.

Juices for varicose veins

Varicose juices

If you prefer juices, here are the perfect natural combinations to improve blood circulation and combat unsightly varicose veins.

Carrot, pineapple and parsley juice

A juice with anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Put in the blender, 3 carrots, a branch of parsley, 2 slices of pineapple, a branch of celery and half a glass of water.

Grape and orange juice

A combination of flavonoids and vitamin C to strengthen the veins. You can prepare it with 2 oranges and 200 grams of grapes. You can also add half a pomegranate.

Cherry juice and ginger

A perfect solution to relieve the heaviness and pain of the legs. You can prepare it with 200 grams of cherries (pitted), an apple and a pinch of ginger.

11-minute Kendall Jenner exercise routine

Being fit was never so easy or so fast, with Kendal Jenner’s exercise routine in record time.

Only 11 minutes. It’s the time you’ll need to get fit following Kendall Jenner’s exercise routine. An exercise routine that includes the movements necessary to activate all the muscles. Laziness or lack of time is no longer an excuse to adopt an exercise routine to get fit at home.

The little Kardashian clan sports enviable curves whose secret lies in taking care of diet and exercise, even with a busy schedule. A perfect routine to do when getting up and prepare to face the day with energy.

Exercise routine in 11 minutes

Thirteen exercises to perform in 11 minutes. The key is in the constancy and in following the routine every day.

30 seconds of forearm plate

48x48 forearm iron

We do not place upside down, resting on the forearms and the tips of the feet. We raise the body slightly until it is horizontal, maintaining the position.

30 seconds of classic iron

Classic iron 48x48

The classic version is the iron with the arms stretched. We place ourselves face down, with our arms stretched out and resting on our hands and the tips of our feet. We raise the body keeping the legs and the back straight.

15 seconds of a side plate

side plate 48x48

We stand sideways on the floor, resting on one hand and the other on the body. We raise the body, leaving the legs straight and without raising the feet. We stretch the other arm opening the hand.

Side plate with forearm support

Forearm Forearm Plate 48x48

Exercise similar to the previous one, with the difference that we lean on the doubled forearm. 5 repetitions with each side.

15 seconds of plate alternating leg/arm

Plate alternating arms 48x48

We place ourselves face down, with our arms stretched out and resting on our hands. Stretched legs. We raise the right leg and the left arm. Repeat on the other side.

15 seconds of dynamic plate

48x48 dynamic plate

We place ourselves face down, with our hands resting on the floor and our legs straight. Slowly bend the right knee, and then the left. Repeat in reverse.

Iron with a knee to elbow

We place ourselves face down, with our hands resting on the floor, and our legs stretched out. We bend the right knee until trying to touch the right elbow. 5 repetitions with each side.

20 abdominals

classic abs 48x48

The classic exercise that cannot be absent in a routine to be fit.

30 seconds of bicycle-type abs

Lying on the floor, emulating with the legs as if we were cycling.

20 seconds of abdominal vertical scissor

Lying on the floor, with legs stretched out, hands behind the head, we raise our legs in the air, at the height of the hips, and emulate the movement of the scissors.

Abdominal frog or Frog crunch

abdominal frog 48x48

Lying on the floor, we raise our legs at a right angle. We bend the knees, slightly opening the legs, and join the soles of the feet, 15 repetitions.

Abdominal crossed

crossed crunches 48x48

It consists of doing the abdominals trying to touch with the right elbow the left knee, and vice versa. 15 repetitions.

Leg Lifts

Lying on the floor, we raise our legs in a straight line, trying to maintain the position and lowering them again.

Exercises to tone while watching television

Leave laziness behind, and take advantage of the moments you watch TV to tone up your muscles with these exercises.

You have no excuse! Neither time nor laziness will be a justification for not exercising, because with these exercises that we propose you can tone your body while watching television. Whether you are lazy or hopeless for sports, exercising while watching your favorite movie will be a way to make the most of your time and stay in shape. Attentive!

First of all, it is important that you know that you can take advantage of the resources of your room to train. For example, you can do some exercises on your sofa, as long as it is firm enough, the carpet is ideal for floor exercises, and the chair, table, chairs or puffs can help you perform some exercises. Now, take note of the exercises you can do while watching your favorite series on television.

1. Triceps on the couch

Hold on the edge of the couch with your palms resting on the seat and your fingers forward. Stretch, so that your butt is a little bit ahead of the edge, in the air, while your then together will remain on the floor, as if you were going to sit down. Lower your core to the ground, with your back straight, and climb back to the starting position. You can make variations of this exercise by lifting one foot while raising and lowering or extending the leg. Ideal to make arms while watching television.

2. Bicycle on the carpet

Lie on your back on the carpet while watching TV and start making bicycles. Raise the knees at the hips and hands holding the neck (Do not pull your neck, just a point of support). Begin to ‘pedal’ by bringing the right knee to the left elbow and vice versa. Repeat several times. You’ll be so entertained watching TV that you will not even notice.

3. Jumping jacks with squats

Take the opportunity to do some cardio and tone your thighs and buttocks with this combination of the famous jumps jumping jacks and squats. Make a jump opening and closing the legs and arms and then low down doing a squat. You can watch television while you exercise.

4. Lateral leg lift

It is one of the best exercises to do while watching TV because you can do it from the couch. Lying on your side with your head resting on your hand, lift your stretched leg, hold for a few seconds and lower yourself. When you have done a series of about 20 repetitions, change position and get on the other side of the sofa to repeat the exercise with the other leg without you stop watching TV. It is such a perfect exercise that you can even do it while eating popcorn … Maybe it is not recommended, but at least you will subtract some calories.

5. Split squats

Split squats or stride squats can be done anywhere, also while watching television. Stand with your feet open at the hips in front of the television, with enough space to make the stride. Stride forward, bending the knees, return to the starting position and repeat with the other leg. You can increase the intensity with weights or by supporting the back leg on the sofa or a chair, doing several repetitions with the same leg.

6. Table while watching TV

Repeat 20 or 30 seconds of plank or board, but instead of resting your feet on the floor, you can do it by resting your feet on the couch, similar to how the model does with the fitball.

7. Dance in front of the TV

When you see musicals, movies with animated music or music concerts on TV, take the opportunity to dance a while at your leisure. That will make you tone up, burn fat and have fun for a while, much more than if you were left lying on the couch. Let’s move!

Spiritual podcast to relax and be well

Spiritual podcast to recover the emotional balance and that you can listen to whenever you want from your mobile device.

Listen to spiritual podcasts to relax is an increasingly common practice since the main advantage is that you can listen when and how you want. Podcasts or multimedia files can be downloaded directly from the internet and stored on mobile devices or computers.

Relaxation podcasts add to other resources to improve mood, such as mobile applications to control stress or new chatbots to help reduce anxiety. Mobile devices (smartphone, tablet …) have become a tool to make health care easier, in this case, emotional health. We invite you to put headphones, play and start to relax with these podcasts to reduce anxiety.

Image result for podcast

Spiritual podcast to meditate for a few minutes a day and promote relaxation, a tool to relieve anxiety and stress, combat insomnia and improve concentration. There are a lot of podcast listening apps (iVoox, iTunes, Soundcloud, Pocket Cast, Podcast Republic …) and dedicate a few minutes a day to feel better.

Meditation Podcast

The podcast is a format that adapts to what you need at all times, and there are situations in which it is convenient to stop, relax and forget everything before they can overflow. Just by giving the audio player on your mobile or computer you can enjoy the benefits of meditation to be well.

If you have trouble reconciling the floor, or you wake up at night, listen to this guided meditation to sleep.

Relaxing music podcast

Spiritual podcast to relax and be well

Listening to music is good for your health, favoring relaxation and releasing tensions.

And a proposal to improve the mood with a little more rhythm.

Podcast on demand, because you can choose the theme, duration, download them easily and store on your device those that have been most interesting to have them always at hand and listen to them at any time of the day. The lack of time is no longer an excuse because the mobile phone is a perfect support to enjoy these contents. We can take advantage of travel in the car or public transport, waiting or any time of free time.

How much cardio exercise should I do to lose weight

Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best allies to lose weight. However, how much cardio do you need to achieve it?

We know that anyone who wants to lose weight should make a correct combination of diet, strength exercises and cardiovascular exercises. We also know that cardio exercises are almost essential to burn fat, although we must not neglect the strength exercises that will help you tone and generate muscle while losing fat. However, many people who are on a weight loss diet wonder how much cardio do I need to do to lose weight? The answer will vary in each case. Keep reading if you want to know more.

Cardio and calories: knowing your relationship

When a person goes on a diet and begins to do cardio exercises and strength to lose weight, it is important that you understand how your calorie system works in your diet, so you can calculate how much cardio you need to do.

Image result for cardio exercise

The cardio is directly related to the loss of calories, but it is not a miraculous method to lose weight since everything will depend on the total computation of calories that are ingested and burned.

Let’s give a practical example:

Imagine that your usual caloric intake is 3000 a day. It is estimated that to lose a pound of weight per week (about 450 grams) you need to lose 3500 calories in total, that is, be in a calorie deficit of 3500 a week or 500 calories a day.

If your diet is restricted to 2500 calories a day, you will lose one pound in a week without the need to exercise. However, as the weeks go by, you will end up entering a metabolic loop or tomb. You will not be able to continue in a continuous calorie deficit, that is unsustainable and unhealthy, so there will come a time when you will find your limit of reasonable daily calories and you will stop losing weight.

This is where the exercise comes in and why it is so important. In addition to helping you tone up your muscles and get fit while you lose weight, exercise (mainly cardio, although everything as a whole) will allow you to balance your calorie deficit with an adequate and healthy daily caloric intake.

For this you have two options:

  • Eliminate the deficit completely with cardiovascular exercise: for this, you will need to do between 30 and 40 minutes of cardio a day, 7 days a week. This option allows you to have an average caloric diet, as long as it is healthy.
  • Combine the deficit with less calorie intake and cardio: in this option, you will slightly restrict the diet and you will do cardio 5 days a week for 30 minutes.

The last option is much more affordable for those people who start from zero on a diet and are not used to exercising. It is also a good option for those who have too high a calorie intake in their usual diet and it is necessary to lower it for when they lose the necessary weight they learn to maintain themselves.

The type of cardio is also important

Image result for cardio exercise

In addition to the above, we must take into account what type of cardio is performed, because not all cardio exercises are the same and, therefore, not all burn the same calories. For example, 20 minutes of HIIT cardio with high-intensity intervals equals 40 minutes of average cardio exercises.

To understand us, it is not the same to go for a run and do a routine where you have moments of great intensity and others of moderate intensity that go out running constantly at a moderate to smooth speed. Although both are cardio exercises and are healthy, in the first you will lose many more calories at the same time as in the second case.

Therefore, it is important to take this into account and choose the type of cardiovascular exercise that really suits your diet, your physical level, and your needs.

Excessive cardio can be harmful

One of the mistakes in which most people who want to lose weight and start doing cardio fall is that they do it in excess, which can cause adrenal fatigue and generate the opposite effect that you want to achieve: gain weight. In addition, it can wear down your muscles, joints, and bones, especially if you do not combine it with strength exercises.

Other disadvantages of excess cardio are that it usually leads to a loss of general energy, makes you lose efficiency in the gym and you can experience a loss of strength, which causes a decrease in motivation to go to train.

Therefore, it is important that you do cardio if you want to lose weight, but in fair measure and controlling the combination of diet and exercise for the deficit of calories. In addition, it is recommended that you combine cardio exercises with strength exercises to ensure correct toning of your muscles.

One-minute exercise routines that work

Any time is good to take advantage of an exercise with these one-minute routines. Attentive!

Exercise is essential to be in shape and feel good, but the gym or a sports activity are not the only ways to exercise. Although it is recommended that you maintain some type of training at least three times a week, we know that there is not always time for it. Therefore, a good suggestion is to make the most of the day and find good moments to do one-minute exercise routines that will help you improve your fitness and keep you fit.

One Minute Exercise Routines

Do not misunderstand us, if you only do one of these one-minute exercises once a day, it is difficult for you to define muscles or burn fat. That will only be achieved with good training and proper nutrition. However, you can improve your performance by practicing one-minute exercises taking advantage of different times of the day, which will help you stay active and healthy.

Image result for exercise

The idea is to do them in the same way as high-intensity interval exercises or HIIT, that is, a powerful exercise for one minute resting another minute.

But if you do not have time to do repetitions, simply incorporate some exercises into your daily routine to help your body stay in shape. Also, this will compensate in some way the days that you can not (or do not feel like) going to the gym.

Attentive, because you will be surprised to know the number of one-minute exercises you can do in routine situations of your day to day.

  • In the bathroom in front of the sink: before taking a shower, take a minute to do squats or squats. You will work your legs and glutes and you will hardly notice the time.
  • While combing your hair: Practice lateral leg lifts, tone glutes, and hips.
  • One minute going up and down stairs: Exactly! If you have stairs at home, use them to the fullest for one minute every day. If you do it at a good intensity, it will be a very effective cardio exercise.
  • While you’re in the back row: Take advantage of those occasions when you have to wait in the bank, the super or the bus to work calves. Standing, start to get on tiptoe going up and down. It is a fantastic exercise! Remember to stretch your legs before and after to avoid injuries.

Image result for exercise

  • Exercises while watching TV: Instead of throwing yourself on the couch without doing anything, take the opportunity to move your body a bit while watching your favorite series, doing squats, sit-ups, legs, push-ups …
  • Waking exercises: We recommend these exercise routines to be done in bed upon awakening that will not take more than a couple of minutes and will help you start the day with energy.
  • Bicycle on the carpet: Maybe at some time of the day you like to throw yourself on the carpet. Get on your back and take the opportunity to do some cycling with your legs.
  • Weights while cooking: Are you going to cook rice? Take the opportunity to make a pair of weights with two bags of rice or similar for one minute before putting on paella. For example, you can do one of these 10 dumbbell back exercises for a minute. That easy!
  • In your facial cleansing and hydration routine: Our face also needs to exercise to stay young and toned. In facial cleansing in the morning or at night, take the opportunity to do this complete routine of anti-wrinkle facial exercises. With one minute of exercises will suffice.
  • Exercises while you work: Believe it or not, you can also take advantage of working time to exercise. For example, you can do crunches while sitting at the computer or these exercises to tone legs while you work. In addition to taking the time to tone up your body, you will avoid the famous ‘backside of office worker’.

How about? As you can see, you can exercise effectively at different times of the day in just one minute. Remember, make the most of the time and stay active.

Video game disorder is a mental illness

The WHO has given a firm and expected by a large part of the medical community, to recognize the disorder by video games as mental illness.

The WHO recognizes the video game disorder as a mental illness, an excessive dependence that was already known as one of the new addictions without substances, along with the addiction to social networks and new technologies. A recognition by the WHO (World Health Organization) that comes with the inclusion of this new disorder in the next edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), and that had not been updated since 1992. A tool used by researchers and doctors around the world for the diagnosis of diseases.

Related image

The WHO, which points out that video game disorder is extensive to digital games, also emphasizes that the pattern of behavior must be serious enough to cause significant deterioration, as well as having spent at least 12 months to assign a diagnosis, except in cases where the symptoms are severe.

The use and abuse of new technologies have led to an intense debate about whether they can generate pathological disorders, and have even emerged new patterns of addictive behavior that have had to be named, such as suffering addiction or vamping among the youngest.

In our country alone, 18% of the population of adolescents and young people between the ages of 14 and 18 abusively use new technologies, which has also led to the inclusion of video game addiction in the first National Addiction Strategy 2017-2024. At the global level, the decision of the WHO supposes a firm support in the direction of treating the disorder by video games as a mental disorder.

Related image

WHO and video games

In accordance with the criteria established by the WHO, it is considered that the disorder may have resulted in a mental illness when there is a loss of control over the game, losing the notion of time spent on the game and not being able to control its behavior.

The video game becomes the first, and almost exclusive, priority for those who suffer from this disorder or addictive dependence. Any other vital interest or daily activity takes a back seat, and although the physical and emotional deterioration is evident, the affected person will want to continue playing despite the negative consequences. Although most people playing video games do not have any problem, if we notice the slightest symptom of dependence on the mobile or any other technological device, it is advisable to act and if necessary ask for professional help.

Recipes of healthy and rich breakfasts

To start the day with a good start, taking care of your health and your figure, here you have 5 breakfast menus adapted to your needs.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and yet, one of the most often we skip. To take care of your figure and your health, start the day off on the right foot by having a breakfast adapted to your rhythm of life. Here is the menu of 5 healthy and rich breakfasts that take care of you inside and out. Take note.

Do not skip breakfast
One of the most common mistakes that can ruin the diet and even make us gain kilos is skipping a meal, especially breakfast. If you want to take care of your weight and your health, devote at least twenty minutes to the healthy habit of breakfast.

Image result for Recipes of healthy and rich breakfasts

Breakfast, according to the recommendations of experts in nutrition and dietetics, should provide between 25-30% of the daily energy we need. What are the consequences of skipping breakfast? You will arrive at the next meal with much more hunger and, until then, it will be much more difficult to control the appetite and fall into pecking. To make your breakfast healthy and, at the same time, not boring, here are 5 breakfast menus that take care of you, adapted to your needs. Choose the breakfast menu that best suits your needs, menus that go from less to more calories.

Light breakfast: Less than 200 calories.
An infusion, a vegetable sandwich with wholemeal bread, lettuce, tomato and fresh cheese (30 grams) low in fat. An ideal breakfast to take care of your line in a healthy way, since this combination brings you few calories with many nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins.

Breakfast to start the day without stress: 220 calories
If a long stressful day is waiting for you, or you are going through a period of great stress, this breakfast will give you the energy you need and only contains 225 calories. An infusion (green tea), a pear and a bowl of whole grains (unrefined) with oat milk, which has relaxing properties.

Heart-healthy breakfast: 225 calories
An ideal breakfast to take care of you and protect your heart. Start the day with an infusion of green tea (rich in antioxidants), a toast of whole wheat bread with natural tuna, salmon or sardines (Omega 3), a handful of nuts and a kiwi (fiber, vitamin C). You can also opt for a detox juice to accompany this healthy and rich breakfast.

Image result for Recipes of healthy and rich breakfasts

Breakfast to concentrate better: 470 calories
If you have to put your brain to full performance – for work or for study purposes – start the day with a breakfast based on a glass of skimmed milk and a bowl of muesli (includes oats, nuts or dried fruits). In addition, it includes an apple or a banana.

Breakfast for athletes: 560 calories
If you practice intense physical activity, better make a breakfast with quick sugars to get energy instantly. Take a glass of orange juice, a slice of whole wheat bread with ham, a teaspoon of honey and a handful of nuts. And if you are a cyclist, do not miss the foods to avoid a breakfast for cyclists.