One-minute exercise routines that work

Any time is good to take advantage of an exercise with these one-minute routines. Attentive!

Exercise is essential to be in shape and feel good, but the gym or a sports activity are not the only ways to exercise. Although it is recommended that you maintain some type of training at least three times a week, we know that there is not always time for it. Therefore, a good suggestion is to make the most of the day and find good moments to do one-minute exercise routines that will help you improve your fitness and keep you fit.

One Minute Exercise Routines

Do not misunderstand us, if you only do one of these one-minute exercises once a day, it is difficult for you to define muscles or burn fat. That will only be achieved with good training and proper nutrition. However, you can improve your performance by practicing one-minute exercises taking advantage of different times of the day, which will help you stay active and healthy.

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The idea is to do them in the same way as high-intensity interval exercises or HIIT, that is, a powerful exercise for one minute resting another minute.

But if you do not have time to do repetitions, simply incorporate some exercises into your daily routine to help your body stay in shape. Also, this will compensate in some way the days that you can not (or do not feel like) going to the gym.

Attentive, because you will be surprised to know the number of one-minute exercises you can do in routine situations of your day to day.

  • In the bathroom in front of the sink: before taking a shower, take a minute to do squats or squats. You will work your legs and glutes and you will hardly notice the time.
  • While combing your hair: Practice lateral leg lifts, tone glutes, and hips.
  • One minute going up and down stairs: Exactly! If you have stairs at home, use them to the fullest for one minute every day. If you do it at a good intensity, it will be a very effective cardio exercise.
  • While you’re in the back row: Take advantage of those occasions when you have to wait in the bank, the super or the bus to work calves. Standing, start to get on tiptoe going up and down. It is a fantastic exercise! Remember to stretch your legs before and after to avoid injuries.

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  • Exercises while watching TV: Instead of throwing yourself on the couch without doing anything, take the opportunity to move your body a bit while watching your favorite series, doing squats, sit-ups, legs, push-ups …
  • Waking exercises: We recommend these exercise routines to be done in bed upon awakening that will not take more than a couple of minutes and will help you start the day with energy.
  • Bicycle on the carpet: Maybe at some time of the day you like to throw yourself on the carpet. Get on your back and take the opportunity to do some cycling with your legs.
  • Weights while cooking: Are you going to cook rice? Take the opportunity to make a pair of weights with two bags of rice or similar for one minute before putting on paella. For example, you can do one of these 10 dumbbell back exercises for a minute. That easy!
  • In your facial cleansing and hydration routine: Our face also needs to exercise to stay young and toned. In facial cleansing in the morning or at night, take the opportunity to do this complete routine of anti-wrinkle facial exercises. With one minute of exercises will suffice.
  • Exercises while you work: Believe it or not, you can also take advantage of working time to exercise. For example, you can do crunches while sitting at the computer or these exercises to tone legs while you work. In addition to taking the time to tone up your body, you will avoid the famous ‘backside of office worker’.

How about? As you can see, you can exercise effectively at different times of the day in just one minute. Remember, make the most of the time and stay active.