Recipes of healthy and rich breakfasts

To start the day with a good start, taking care of your health and your figure, here you have 5 breakfast menus adapted to your needs.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and yet, one of the most often we skip. To take care of your figure and your health, start the day off on the right foot by having a breakfast adapted to your rhythm of life. Here is the menu of 5 healthy and rich breakfasts that take care of you inside and out. Take note.

Do not skip breakfast
One of the most common mistakes that can ruin the diet and even make us gain kilos is skipping a meal, especially breakfast. If you want to take care of your weight and your health, devote at least twenty minutes to the healthy habit of breakfast.

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Breakfast, according to the recommendations of experts in nutrition and dietetics, should provide between 25-30% of the daily energy we need. What are the consequences of skipping breakfast? You will arrive at the next meal with much more hunger and, until then, it will be much more difficult to control the appetite and fall into pecking. To make your breakfast healthy and, at the same time, not boring, here are 5 breakfast menus that take care of you, adapted to your needs. Choose the breakfast menu that best suits your needs, menus that go from less to more calories.

Light breakfast: Less than 200 calories.
An infusion, a vegetable sandwich with wholemeal bread, lettuce, tomato and fresh cheese (30 grams) low in fat. An ideal breakfast to take care of your line in a healthy way, since this combination brings you few calories with many nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins.

Breakfast to start the day without stress: 220 calories
If a long stressful day is waiting for you, or you are going through a period of great stress, this breakfast will give you the energy you need and only contains 225 calories. An infusion (green tea), a pear and a bowl of whole grains (unrefined) with oat milk, which has relaxing properties.

Heart-healthy breakfast: 225 calories
An ideal breakfast to take care of you and protect your heart. Start the day with an infusion of green tea (rich in antioxidants), a toast of whole wheat bread with natural tuna, salmon or sardines (Omega 3), a handful of nuts and a kiwi (fiber, vitamin C). You can also opt for a detox juice to accompany this healthy and rich breakfast.

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Breakfast to concentrate better: 470 calories
If you have to put your brain to full performance – for work or for study purposes – start the day with a breakfast based on a glass of skimmed milk and a bowl of muesli (includes oats, nuts or dried fruits). In addition, it includes an apple or a banana.

Breakfast for athletes: 560 calories
If you practice intense physical activity, better make a breakfast with quick sugars to get energy instantly. Take a glass of orange juice, a slice of whole wheat bread with ham, a teaspoon of honey and a handful of nuts. And if you are a cyclist, do not miss the foods to avoid a breakfast for cyclists.