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Jeans with pearls are the star garment of the season. Discover the best jeans with pearls

This winter the pearls were a trend and adorned garments of all kinds. For spring/summer, 2018 jeans with pearls are worn. The best low-cost fashion brands have added jeans (of many types) with pearl details. These jeans are ideal to create a feminine and romantic look. Next, you have the best models and looks of jeans with pearls.

Trends: jeans with pearls

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One of the trend garments this spring/summer is jeans with pearls. Last season pearl clothing was very fashionable and was even present in various accessories such as vintage bags with pearls.

Each season there is a trend cowboy; After the rare jeans, with embroidery or with broken jeans arrive with pearls. These jeans are very versatile and you can combine them very easily. Without a doubt, the pearls applied to jeans give a different touch to the design.

The best looks and models of jeans with pearls

Jeans with pearls are very present in the new fashion collections of the main low-cost firms, so finding a model that suits your tastes and body will not be very complicated. The pearls can be applied to the bottom of the trousers, in the legs, in the waist area … There are pearls in white, colored or metallic tones. The possibilities are endless.

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Zara proposes tight jeans with the detail of pearls on the bass in white and silver. Another very interesting model of the firm is skinny jeans with a medium shot with application detail of pearls with chains in the pockets. In Mango, there are high-waisted denim jeans in light denim with pearl trim throughout the front of the pants. If you prefer you have a very similar design in a darker denim.

In Malaya, they design some ankle jeans with pearls on top and broken. There are jeans that carry pearls and other details like broken, embroidered, applications … In Romwe you also have several models with pearls, but with a more extravagant touch and trend. Jeans shorts can also carry pearls. In Mango, you have a very interesting model of shorts in clear denim with pearls and broken.

How to combine jeans with pearls? Once you have your jeans with pearls chosen, the next step is to know how to combine them. The reality is that you can combine them with any normal jeans, but they look really good when worn with a maxi wool sweater, a cropped knit sweater or a simple white shirt. To top off the look, add some shoes and that’s it!

Jeans with pearls can also be worn in more dress styles, for example, to go to a disco or a casual party. In these cases, you should combine them with a top lingerie or a body, a blazer and shoes with high heels.