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Discover the benefits of using bio reusable female towels, to take care of your intimate health and the environment.

The bio reusable female towels are ecological, practical and take care of the intimate feminine health. They are one of the products of intimate feminine hygiene result of the greater awareness of the care of the environment. The ecological feminine towels are comfortable and safe because like the disposable compresses, they protect from infections and do not cause irritations.

The reusable feminine pads are added to the novel products that in recent times have appeared on the market, designed specifically for female comfort during the days of menstruation. All have the particularity of combining the care of women’s health and the environment, from the use of the menstrual cup, made with medical silicone, to the novel probiotic buffers against vaginal infections.

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Benefits of ecological feminine towels

The ecological feminine towels are cloth compresses, in their greater composition of cotton, absorbent, waterproof and inolourous. They are reusable because they can be washed directly into the washing machine. Among those that can be found in the market, Lunapads Performa compresses, with a quick-drying cotton top layer and a super absorbent core, even to contain the most intense menstrual flow.

The care of the environment is a strong argument to look for alternatives to compresses. It is estimated, according to different studies, that on average a woman can use throughout her fertile life between 10,000 and 15,000 compresses or tampons, products that usually include plastic in its composition, material that is not biodegradable.

There is another reason to bet on the ecological feminine towels, and that is that they contribute to saving, and for that, you only have to calculate how much you spend per month in compresses or tampons and multiply it by 12 months of the year.

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How to use cloth compresses

The eco-friendly women’s wipes are easily placed in underwear, in fact, there are designs of reusable compresses with wings for comfort. Knowing how to wash the cloth compresses is essential to ensure that they are clean enough to be reused.

  • Wash in cold water and dry the compresses before using them for the first time.
  • Blood is best removed in cold water (too hot water fixes it), and when it is not yet dry. To ensure its cleanliness, let it soak and rub with a soft neutral soap and, later, it can be put in the washing machine, if possible with an ecological detergent.
  • Avoid using ba leaching or softening products.
  • Let them dry outdoors.
  • Store the compresses in a waterproof bag.